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🤔Wait, WTF is a Nexialist?

The science fiction writer, A.E. van Vogt first coined the term “nexialism” in his 1950s novel The Voyage of the Space Beagle (which years later inspired Star Trek). The main protagonist of the novel, Dr. Elliott Grosvenor, is the only Nexialist onboard -- someone who was trained in “applied whole-ism” or “integrated science and thought.” Though initially looked down upon by his specialist crew member as being “non-scientific” he slowly became the go-to person to solve problems bringing improbable areas together.

Since I first heard this term in 2015 I immediately identified with it personally and professionally as I am more on the generalist side of things. It made me look at things from different perspectives and see more value in this skill that somehow I had more ease with. It made me understand its innovative power in the fragmented and complex world we live in. Now, it’s time to channel my nexialist aspiration into this personal project and share it with you.

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If you like what you see here and your project, brand or business needs some ideas or inspiration from outside your bubble, maybe you need a Nexialist to help you out 🙋🏻‍♂️ I can participate in brainstorms and workshops, guide inspiration sessions, or do some creative research. You can always send me an e-mail to figure something out together.

🦦About Rodrigo Turra

No, I will not do this in the third person nor I’ll talk about my work. I’m a curious soul that gets excited about learning new things and getting better at them. I’m trying to get more in touch with my intuition, and I think we miss that kind of connection. I’m also tired of letting the fear and paralysis stop me from creating, and this project is a result of this.